LASIK & Laser Eye Surgery

coastal vision lasik laser eye surgery

Modern Eyes Optometry is affiliated with Coastal Vision Medical. Our optometrists are trained in all aspects of laser eye surgery and work closely with Coastal Vision to ensure both an excellent experience and an excellent outcome for your refractive vision correction.

There are six basic phases of your laser vision correction process, during which Modern Eyes Optometry will work with Coastal Vision doctors to care for you.

The LASIK Process

  1. Eye exam with Modern Eyes Optometry.
  2. Complementary consultation with Coastal Vision.
  3. Pre-op examination with Modern Eyes Optometry.
  4. Surgery with Coastal Vision.
  5. Post-op care with Modern Eyes Optometry.
  6. Yearly exam back with Modern Eyes Optometry.

As you can see, Modern Eyes Optometry will provide most of your pre- and post-operative care.  Coastal Vision recommends we do most of this care because we are the most familiar with your eyes and history. In addition, we will continue to provide vision care after your procedure.