Contact Lens Exams

contact lens exams insertion

Contact Lens Exams at Modern Eyes Optometry include the same level of service as our Comprehensive Eye Exams but with the additional measurements and doctor evaluation required to confirm that your eyes are suitable for contact lens wear and to generate your contact lens prescription. The result is minimized risk for eye infection, with comfortable and clear vision.

Modern Eyes Optometry offers contact lens exams for children, teens, and adults. Our office is equipped with numerous spherical, astigmatism, and multifocal fitting sets from different brands to fit all of our patients' needs. We provide contact lens fittings for soft and hard (rigid gas permeables) lenses, as well as specialty contacts for keratoconus patients. The level of contact lens service varies depending upon the complexity and type of contact lenses that are most appropriate for your eyes. Our contact lens services include:

  • New fitting for first time contact lens patients, including training
  • Specialty contact lens fitting for: high astigmatism, corneal irregularities, keratoconus, multifocal, and monovision
  • Refitting and evaluation for current contact lens wearers to try a new lens or stay in the same lens

A valid contact lens prescription requires a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens evaluation.

Say Goodbye to Bifocals and Reading Glasses!

Our doctors routinely prescribe the newest lens technologies including the latest bifocal and multifocal contact lenses. Contrary to the common industry belief that multifocal contact lenses are usually only successful for a select group of patients, our doctors have embraced the latest advancements in contact lenses and have developed greatly successful methods of fitting these lenses on nearly all patients in need of them. Even if you have not had success in the past, we welcome you to come try our methods that have had nearly a 100% success rate. At Modern Eyes Optometry, you can say goodbye to bifocals and reading glasses and say hello to all the freedoms that come along with wearing bifocal or mutifocal contact lenses.